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Resources #

These downloads and third-party tools will help you and your team to design and build more cohesive LocalTapiola and Turva digital products and experiences.

If you’re looking for webfonts, please see Typography guidelines instead. Duet provides an NPM package that is used to self-host our webfonts.

Downloads #

LocalTapiola logos for Web

Updated 17.10.2023

LocalTapiola typeface

updated 10.9.2019

LocalTapiola favicons

updated 1.3.2024

Downloads for Turva #

Turva Brand Guidelines

Updated 7.11.2019

Turva logo for Web

updated 17.8.2019

Turva typeface

updated 16.4.2019

Turva favicons

updated 1.3.2024

Tools #