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LocalTapiola Turva

Link ready

Links are used to create pathways from one page to another.

Properties #

accessibleLabelaccessible-labelAdds accessible label for the link that is only shown for screen readers. Typically, this label text replaces the visible text on the link for users who use assistive technology.stringundefined
externalexternalForces URL to open in a new browser tab. Used together with URL prop.booleanfalse
identifieridentifierAdds a unique identifier for the button.stringundefined
themethemeTheme of the button. Can be one of: "default", "turva".string""
urlurlA destination to link to, rendered in the href attribute of a link.string"#"


For integration, events and theming guidelines, please see Using Components. That page explains how to implement and use Duet’s components across different technologies like Angular, React or Vanilla JavaScript.