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Captions are used as brief explanations accompanying an illustration, form element, or similar. Caption text is smaller than the recommended size for general reading.

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<duet-caption>Medium caption text</duet-caption>
<duet-caption size="small">Small caption text</duet-caption>

Properties #

Property Attribute Description Type Default
margin margin Controls the margin of the component. Can be one of: "auto", "none". "auto" or "none" "auto"
selected selected Selected state of the caption. Used inside Choice component. boolean false
size size Controls the size of the caption. Can be one of: "medium", "small". "medium" or "small" "medium"
theme theme Theme of the caption. Can be one of: "default", "turva". "" or "default" or "turva" ""

Dependencies #

Used by #

Graph #

graph TD;
duet-choice --> duet-caption
duet-textarea --> duet-caption
style duet-caption fill:#f9f,stroke:#333,stroke-width:4px


For integration, event and theming guidelines, please see Using Components. This documentation explains how to implement and use Duet’s components across different technologies like Angular, React or Vanilla JavaScript.


Follow these practical tutorials to learn how to build simple page layouts using Duet’s CSS Framework, Web Components and other features:


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If you experience any issues while using a component, please head over to the Support page for more guidelines and help.