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Range Slider

Range Slider lets user specify a numeric value using a slider which must be no less than a given value, and no more than another given value.

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label="Sijoitettava pääoma"


// Select the above range slider component
var range = document.querySelector("duet-range-slider")

// Listen for change events. Use debounce prop to adjust the time to trigger this.
range.addEventListener("duetChange", function(e) {
console.log("Change detected in range slider:", e.detail)

Properties #

Property Attribute Description Type Default
debounce debounce Set the amount of time, in milliseconds, to wait to trigger the duetChange event after each keystroke. number 0
expand expand Expands the input to fill 100% of the container width. boolean false
identifier identifier Adds a unique identifier for the input. string undefined
label label Label for the range slider. string "label"
margin margin Controls the margin of the component. Can be one of: "auto", "none". "auto" or "none" "auto"
max max Maximum value. number 100
min min Minimum value. number 0
step step Step amount. number 1
theme theme Theme of the input. Can be one of: "default", "turva". "" or "default" or "turva" ""
unit unit Unit for the range slider. string ""
value value Value of the input. number 0

Events #

Event Description Type
duetChange Emitted when the value has changed. CustomEvent<{ originalEvent?: Event; component: "duet-range-slider"; value: number; }>
duetInput Emitted when a keyboard input ocurred. CustomEvent<{ originalEvent?: Event; component: "duet-range-slider"; value: number; }>

Methods #

setFocus() => Promise<void> #

Sets focus on the specified duet-range-slider. Use this method instead of the global

Returns #

Type: Promise<void>

Dependencies #

Depends on #

Graph #

graph TD;
duet-range-slider --> duet-label
style duet-range-slider fill:#f9f,stroke:#333,stroke-width:4px


For integration, event and theming guidelines, please see Using Components. This documentation explains how to implement and use Duet’s components across different technologies like Angular, React or Vanilla JavaScript.


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If you experience any issues while using a component, please head over to the Support page for more guidelines and help.