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Illustrations #

Illustrations express our brand’s visual language, differentiate product categories, and help draw attention. They all share a common style and elements.

Below you can find ready-to-use, optimized versions of Duet’s illustrations for each product category. These illustrations can be used directly inside the Hero component. You can change between LocalTapiola and Turva illustrations by using the theme toggle in the top bar.

Download #

You can download the above illustrations for web usage below. These files are already resized and optimized for the optimal image and file size.

LocalTapiola illustrations

updated 24.10.2019

Turva illustrations

updated 24.10.2019

CDN usage #

All of the illustrations are available for production usage via Duet’s Content Delivery Network. Use the following URL structure to load them directly from the CDN:<name>.png

Need an illustration? #

Duet’s illustrations are made to purpose of a product (e.g. home insurance) or service (e.g. claims) and shouldn’t be used outside their original context. If your product or service needs an illustration, please consult the Duet team for detailed cost and time estimate.

LocalTapiola illustrations are made by La Boca commissioned through Agent Pekka, and Turva illustrations are made by Janne Harju.