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Support #

Duet Design System team provides support for users of the system. See below for different use cases and additional instructions on how to reach us.

Note: Please take some time to explore the contents of this documentation before contacting the support.

Frequently asked questions #

Answers to the most common questions about Duet Design System can be found in the Duet Design System FAQ.

Email #

Messages sent to will be addressed by the Duet team as quickly as possible. If you’re sending a feature request or a bug report, please use our issue template to format the email.

Contributing #

Please see Duet’s contributing guidelines.

Issue template #

When filing new feature requests or bug reports, please use our issue template to format the contents.

Filing an issue #

We use Jira to track the backlog, feature requests, and bug reports. If you already have access to Duet’s board you can create an issue under the “Bug reports and feature requests” category by clicking the button below.

If you don’t have access to Jira, please send your feature request or bug report to our support email instead and format the email body according to our issue template.

Create a feature request, Opens in a new window

Create a bug report, Opens in a new window